Our support plans are simple, affordable and dependable. You focus your energy on growing your business while knowing that Cloud Suite Pro and Microsoft take care of the Dynamics. We have three options for you to choose from: Ad Hoc, Prime, and Elite. You can choose the option you need based on your budget. (Pricing will vary by region)

What makes our support different from other vendors?

Cloudsuitepro specializes in Dynamics GP and  has recently helped many organizations that are experiencing challenges with service, support, and escalating costs.  The following areas were listed as issues of concern:

  • Monthly standby charge, which doesn’t include any support services
  • Initial contact and services being provided by junior consultants then being escalated to senior consultants, resulting in  many additional chargeable hours all at one high rate.
  • Consultants are either knowledgeable in GP or the technology behind it, not both, thus two consultants are being utilized to resolve issues, again resulting in many additional chargeable hours all at  one high rate.
  • High hourly rates.

How we addressed these issues:

  • Cloudsuitepro  does not charge a monthly standby charge.  Our standard Service level agreement offers a 30 minute response time at no cost.  Clients are only charged for time spent.
  • Cloudsuitepro  only employs senior seasoned consultants.  You will only be assisted by a senior consultant throughout resolution.  Resulting in issues  being resolved quickly and at a lower total cost.
  • Cloudsuitepro  consultants are a rare breed known as “hybrids”.  These are highly sought after senior individuals that are experts in technology, GP, accounting and business analysis.  Resulting in issues being resolved quickly, appropriately, and inexpensively.
  • Cloudsuitepro  has made a conscious effort to reduce overheads resulting in lower hourly rates than most vendors