Considering an upgrade from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP?


QuickBooks is a great entry-level product, but has database limitations and lacks the kind of sophisticated features many growing organizations need to scale efficiently. When you begin to outgrow QuickBooks, you should consider Microsoft Dynamics GP. Dynamics offers conversion tools designed specifically to help QuickBooks users more easily step up to the powerful business management system you need now – and for many years to come.

Here are a few of the numerous benefits moving from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP will give you:

More Features

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you over 1,500 more features than QuickBooks Enterprise. Below are the kind of key features provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP not available in QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Allocation Calculations
  • Applies Sales Tax Rates by Item
  • Automatic Calculation of Late Fees
  • Automatic Tracking of Vendor Performance
  • Default Printer Destination by Invoice Type
  • Forecasted Demand-based on Formulas
  • Intercompany Accounts LIFO and FIFO Inventory Methods
  • Lot and Serial Number Tracking
  • Multiple Ship-to on Same Order
  • Partial Pay Invoice for Partial Receipt
  • Statistical Accounts Supports Landed Cost Tracking
  • Supports Multidimensional Items
  • Supports Multiple Warehouses

Better Financial Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you more reports right out of the box (700+ standard reports) than QuickBooks (140 standard reports). While Both Microsoft Dynamics GP and QuickBooks allow users to edit and send reports to Excel or Word, only Dynamics GP allows users to view the reports in real-time through an integrated web portal. Also, Microsoft Dynamics provides more than 200 Excel reports containing an active ODBC link to the Dynamics database; ensuring data is never out of date, no matter when the Excel file/report is opened. Additionally Dynamics GP also provides over 70 standard SRS reports based on SQL technology, all included and ready to go.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP FRx advanced financial reporting tool allows scheduled reports to be printed and delivered automatically to the appropriate recipients via e-mail or published to a business portal website. This feature ensures that vital, time sensitive reports are generated and delivered automatically, on time, every time Using the FRx tool, users can create entire booklets of reports including charts, cover pages, graphic images, logos, tables of contents and title pages. FRx will automatically generates and delivers while ensuring the latest data is accurately incorporated.

Office Integration

Both QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP offer a wide variety of Microsoft Office integration features such as:

  • Exporting reports directly to Microsoft Excel (with built-in formulas) or directly to Microsoft Word
  • E-mailing reports and documents through Microsoft Outlook
  • Using ODBC drivers to link data directly to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Integrating Outlook Calendars to time and billing systems

However, only Microsoft Dynamics GP provides additional advanced Office integration features via SmartTags and Workflow. SmartTags enables users to view Microsoft Dynamics GP information from within Excel, Outlook and Word.

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