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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Personalize your customer experience

Proactively Engage your customer

Predictive customer engagement

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Cloud

  • Subscription based pricing

    No major ongoing or capital investment in licenses, hardware and software. With Dynamics CRM in the Cloud by CloudSuite Pro you Pay as you go. and only for the number of users that you need in any month.You get the benefit of greater IT and cash flow flexibility.

  • Lower Overhead

    You don’t worry about upgrades, maintenance, and system administration. All this is taken care of in the cloud by Microsoft and CloudSuite Pro. You don’t spend time and money supervising an upgrade or a failed server or an IT staff. Studies show that for a 100-employee company over 4 years, applications based in the cloud cost 50% less than on-premise software .

  • High availability

    Dynamics CRM in the Cloud by CloudSuite Pro is designed for maximum network performance and Microsoft Azure provides 99.95% availability, guaranteed. Try getting your IT staff to give you a guarantee like that!

  • Security

    Dynamics CRM in the Cloud by CloudSuite Pro provides incremental and ongoing back-up and disaster recovery unrivaled by any on-premise system.

 If you have an internet connection you can access your CRM system securely from anywhere, at any time.

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