About CloudSuite Pro

CloudSuite Pro understands the unique needs, technology infrastructure and software requirements of organizations around the world. We provide human and technical resources that match the needs of our clients with a range of skill sets and sophistication, with competitive pricing structures that ensure uncompromising value and lower costs. We provide a truly client-centric service, a deep understanding of the unique needs of each client and significant skill and experience in our application areas.

CloudSuite Pro is a company made up of senior consultants who provide timely, expert and cost effective consulting and support to our clients through the cycle from selecting solutions, implementation, and support. Our expertise lies in Financial Reporting / BI / Budgeting and forecasting with a focus on Infor SunSystems and Dynamics GP for the mid-market. For more complex solutions, we have specialists in SAP, Oracle, and Hyperion. In addition, we have Risk/Compliance, TIRS (an end-to-end reinsurance application) and CRM systems and custom application development. CloudSuite Pro has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly serve the needs of customers.

CloudSuite Pro is comprised of:

  • Senior Business analysts steeped in the needs of our financial services, insurance, and other industry clients.
  • Technology consultants skilled in the care and feeding of BI, CRM, Financial Reporting, GRC and Reinsurance applications.
  • Account managers who act as liaisons between clients and our other resources.
  • Application developers who build new functionality when required.
  • Customer support representatives who help clients use our applications effectively.
  • Project managers who ensure each project run smoothly – coming in on time and budget.


Meet CloudSuite Pro Senior Management

CloudSuite Pro is headed by information technology and industry professionals with decades of combined experience spanning technology, business, information systems, project management and consulting.

Rick Siddiqi

Rick Siddiqi

Managing Principal

Rick has a commitment and passion for keeping his clients competitive in the global market. He has spent the last two decades delivering expert consulting and software solutions to a number of organisations across the UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

Rick is a 20-year technology and business veteran, focused on helping clients to become more efficient, agile and ultimately… more profitable. The common denominator throughout Rick’s career has been the building of a culture of uncompromising customer satisfaction in every organisation he’s been a part of. Rick leads The Certus Group and CloudSuite Pro with that same vigor towards providing value and unrivaled customer satisfaction. Rick holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Information Systems and is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

John Moore

John Moore

Principal, Head of Client Services

John has an extensive and varied IT background primarily with International Captive Management and Insurance companies.

During his 18 years as VP, Information Systems with Marsh Management, John had direct IT responsibility for Marsh’s 9 global Captive Management offices. He was the architect behind the development of Marsh’s proprietary multicurrency Captive Accounting, Underwriting, and Claims application, which evolved into a powerful tool for all Marsh offices. As well as development and support of all IT systems, John’s group was responsible for business analysis and project management functions within the global Captive Management group. John then was appointed to a VP, Project Manager role at XL Insurance.

John holds the Project Management Professional designation from the Project Management Institute. He is committed to assisting The Certus Group and CloudSuite Pro clients in achieving their business applications goals in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Jim Gould

Jim Gould


Jim Gould is a long time investor and incubator for IT, Telecom and other types of companies in the Caribbean and abroad. His expertise lies in designing and executing business strategies for the long-term growth of technology companies. He is a director and board member in many companies and brings a wealth of experience to The Certus Group and CloudSuite Pro management team.

Why Choose CloudSuite Pro?

CloudSuite Pro is a well-established consulting company with a depth of expertise combined with a wealth of experience that sets the foundation for delivering exceptional quality services to clients in USA, Canada, UK, the Caribbean and globally. Having delivered consistently to happy clients across regions we bring world-class consulting expertise and leverage our team to ensure value in terms of expertise, quality, service, support, and cost.


  • consists of senior client focused consultants,
  • is available 24/7 to give support which is particularly beneficial during financial reporting periods,
  • eliminates rebills due to ‘band-aid’ fixes by solving problems comprehensively the first time,
  • has global support infrastructure,
  • provides flexible terms of business to clients via an array of available choices,
  • has highly competitive charges compared to other many providers,
  • has no ‘monthly fixed standby charges’ for merely being available when needed,
  • provides accurate initial estimates thus avoiding over budget and over time situations.